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WESTERSTRAND URFABRIK AB was founded in 1906 as a manufacturer of clocks for the Swedish market.

Today we develop, market and produce time systems and information boards for use in public communication, industry, retail and sports. More than 60% of our deliveries are to foreign customers. A major part of the export sales go trough or sales-companies, N.V. Westerstrand Europe, Belgium and Lambert-Westerstrand S.A.R.L, France.

Production and the company head office are located in Toreboda, Sweden. The staff comprise 75 people.

Westerstand has the knowledge and the products for projects all over the world.

VAT. SE556028864801
Postal address: P.O. Box 133, S-545 23 TOREBODA, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 506 480 00, Telefax: +46 506 480 51
Website: www.westerstrand.se

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